The Design Hackers Guild Manifesto

Are you a small business owner, who wants to really scale their business in the online space without having to ‘go it alone’?

Hi Passionate Business Owner,

The Design Hackers Guild might just be for you (but it’s not for everyone)
We are Community of Business owners, who, through our various skills, have come together to create something bigger than ourselves & grow our businesses too!

Before we dive in, it is important to note that the DHG is for a specific group of owners, and to help you decide if you’re with us, we have a manifesto outlining what we stand for and what we offer:

Guilds are groups of individuals with common goals.

The Design Hackers Guild is a collective of entrepreneurs engaged  in online commerce focused on Design Hacking irresistible offers so that its customers keep them coming back again and again. Providing value, use and benefit to the customers in such a way that delights them. 

Guilds include examples such as an association, brotherhood, college, company, confraternity, corporation, craft, fellowship, fraternity, livery, society, and equivalents

The Design Hackers Guild is modeled on Medieval Merchants Guilds.

Here’s the Definition of a ‘Guild’:

  • “Merchant guilds were organizations of merchants who were involved in long-distance commerce and local wholesale trade, and may also have been retail sellers of commodities in their home cities and distant venues where they possessed rights to set up shop”.

I am Mark Browne. I worked in the Enterprise sector of the Corporate World for 16 years before starting my own business. 

I was naive thinking that the Entrepreneurial world had it all together with no biases and bureaucracy to get in the way. 

I learned the hard way that so many entrepreneurs make the same mistakes as the executives in the Corporate World. 

I soon realised that what I applied as a Masters Qualified Project Manager and senior user researcher in the corporate world was desperately needed here. 

And also as a lover of history and seeing this Pandemic unfold, it was clear that bigger more unified companies weathered this storm just fine while the smaller operators reaped the whirlwind of chaos. 

By bringing the craft of Designing irresistible offers to small and medium businesses, within the protection of  a Guild, we could create a community who could band together and weather the storm of a crisis like a Pandemic and thrive in business.

You start out believing all other entrepreneurs know their market and can easily sell to their customers. But you look a little deeper and it’s not how it works. But then you see the “Gurus” with “done for you”, easy options, insane profits, expounding on value ladders, funnels, empires, and easy money and sales numbers. 

You feel stupid for not being able to do what they do. Until you realize (probably after spending a lot of money and time) that they are blinded by their lust for fame and awards, using you and your time and money , and you realise you’re following the same shiny object they are.

It is at this point, you either fall and never return to your own business, disgusted by failure, your own naivete, and keenly feeling the loss of money and shame of failure…


Like me you pick your Cross and realise that providing value and delighting your customer is what you must pursue and what your business will deliver on. 

And you know doing so you will build a real business, serving real people, with real needs.

You’re Probably asking yourself, why did I choose to name our community after a Medieval model? 

Interestingly Guilds dominated medieval towns for 200 years after the Black Death Pandemic.

This fact eerily ties into our own current Pandemic times, where out of necessity and perhaps an awareness of what we left behind, Guilds are perhaps an obvious Modus Operandi for business-people to protect their trade.

Particularly as governments are so swollen with bureaucracy and focused globally rather than locally and have struggled to localize endeavors like local creation of Personal Protection Equipment like masks rather than ordering it all the way from China, where the pandemic began.

Now while this Guild is not local to one Geography as we begin, well it’s not unfeasible over time for localized parts of the guild to form up.

And to mitigate those who think they know enough about history to think they know all about it, many will criticize the structure of the Medieval Guilds. 


“Much of the academic debate about guilds stems from confusion caused by incomplete lexicographical standardization. 

Scholars study guilds in one time and place and then assume that their findings apply to guilds everywhere and at all times or assert that the organizations that they studied were the one type of true guild, while other organizations deserved neither the distinction nor serious study.”

The Design Hackers Guild is dedicated to merchants or the modern-day equivalent entrepreneurs involved in long distance commerce and local and international warehouse and trade.

The Craft aspect of The Design Hackers Guild is crafting that irresistible offer.

That Master work of an offer that makes customers feel like it was made exclusive for them and brings so much delight and satisfaction to customers time and time again.

It also brings with it protection, connection, rapport, discipline of the design thinking.

Our Customers are not a place, they are people. 

Granted they live in places all over the World. 

But they are people, with names, phobias, fears, desires, goals and achievements. 

And we don’t group them into a recess in a wall, we represent them with Personas that are realistically representative of actual people.

Most Entrepreneurs are caught up in the Digital Rat Race of Pursuing Revenue targets, chasing that dream, distracted by shiny objects, and hearkening to the promises of “Gurus” lure of riches and fame and done for them businesses.

Their ultimate goal is to attempt to slake their lust for fame, revenue and highest sales targets.

They are slaves to their own desires, serving neither the customer or themselves in the long term.

The Design Hackers Guild has a higher calling, placing the desires of those the Guild serves, its members and their customers in place of their own.

The Design Hackers Guild always focuses on the Customer in its design of offers.

It follows the discipline of the craft of Human Centred Design and thinking.

Design Hacking is not a criminal enterprise, the hacking is a plodding dedication to the desires of their customers for the delight of their customers.

Any entrepreneur or small to medium enterprise that is dedicated to providing value to their customers as their primary focus are welcome to join the Design Hackers Guild and learn the craft of design hacking irresistible offers and protecting their businesses and customers from the Digital Rat Race outside the protection of the Guild.

Entrepreneurs, small and Medium sized businesses who want to offer real value to their customers.

By joining the Design Hackers Guild you join a community dedicated to the collective craft of designing irresistible offers. You will not only learn the skills to design these offers, but you will gain the skill to obtain perspective and insight on who you actually serve. 

And you will build and develop your own assets that allow you to scale this knowledge and craft in your own business.

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